Outdoor Spaces & Buildings


Inclusive, attractive design in the indoor and outdoor environment encourages social participation and active lifestyle choices for people of all ages. 

A variety of affordable transit options is critical for residents of Erie County to engage in a wide variety of community activities across urban, suburban, and rural settings. 



An age-friendly community enables its residents to age in place. Applying universal design strategies when building or modifying homes makes aging in place a reality. 


Social Participation

Civic Participation & Employment

Creating opportunities for interaction with family, friends, and neighbors contributes to increased community awareness and investment, and fosters an environment for positive mental health.

Older adults should have the option to work, volunteer, or engage in political activism. Employers and community leaders should serve as advocates for increased civic participation and employment.


Communication & Information

Respect & Social Inclusion

Understanding how diverse populations throughout Erie County access and use information can help tailor outreach and efforts that best fits the needs of the community.

Inter-generational activities and welcoming environments are important for developing mutual relationships of respect for diverse populations of age, ability, faith, and income.


Community Support & Health Services

Community support and affordable healthcare services should provide accessible and trustworthy resources that promote quality care and healthy living. 


Emergency Preparedness & Resilience

Research & Education

Planning and information sharing should be universally designed to better communicate with residents in the event of weather-related and other emergencies.

Collaborative research efforts on aging, and engagement of older adults in scholarly communities promotes reciprocal learning opportunities across generations.