A variety of affordable transit options such as public transit, taxis, car shares, cycling, and safe pedestrian pathways is critical for residents of Erie County to engage in a wide variety of community activities across urban, suburban, and rural settings. Signage, transit stops, and real-time information also contribute to improved transportation systems.


Resident Input

“Transportation is a big issue for seniors. Old infrastructure, when updated, needs to be more walk friendly too. Options for seniors to connect with nature and others are critical to quality of life. Feeling trapped and being fearful is not good.”  

- Resident Survey


Transportation Options in Erie County

  • Suburban and rural communities report lower ratings for transportation options available for older adults.
  • In the more urban area in the city of Buffalo where public transportation services are more readily available, some transportation options were still rated as “fair” by many survey respondents.

Availability and Accessibility to Local Public Transportation

Resident feedback largely focused on problems with local public transportation available in Erie County and inadequate alternative options for older adults. Residents also described a need for more transportation-related programs and services for older adults within specific neighborhoods municipalities and county-wide.

“There is no bus service for at least a mile away”
“No bus service for our town on Sunday, and no bus service for [our] town after 9 pm.”

- Resident Survey


Unfamiliarity with Alternative Transportation Options

There are significant barriers to different transportation services for older adults in Erie County including, but not limited to, lack of information about current quality transportation options, availability of convenient and affordable options, and the accessibility of both public transportation and alternative transportation options.