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These are free one hour courses in a variety of topics such as current events, history, and science. Classes are designed to provide older adults with opportunities for intellectual stimulation, learning, and discussion in accessible settings. No homework and no tests, just exciting discussions on academic topics alongside peers with similar interests. 

University Express is very grateful to the Department of Senior Services, host sites and sponsors for their support.

Sponsors: Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY, Excelsior Orthopedics, Wegmans

Fall 2017 Host Sites: Amherst Senior Center, Baptist Manor, Canterbury Woods, Cheektowaga Senior Center, Clarence Senior Center, Grand Island Golden Age Center, Hamburg Senior Community Center, Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village, Orchard Park Senior Center, Springville Concord Elder Network, Town of Tonawanda Senior Center, Wegmans Cooking School.


University at Buffalo Research on Aging


UB Center for Successful Aging

The UB Center for Successful Aging advances transdisciplinary knowledge about aging through community-responsive research.  The Center will facilitate the translation of research quickly into local and regional policy and practice to make Buffalo and Western New York the best place to age for all its residents.

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Aging and Technology Research Center
Department of Rehabilitation Science

The Aging and Technology Research Center is dedicated to promoting health and independent living among older adults and their caregivers. The center researches technological solutions to problems associated with aging. In order to prevent falls at home, the Occupational Therapy Geriatric Group created the Home Safety Self-Assessment Tool (HSSAT).

Related Publications
Tomita, M. R., Langan, J., Persons, K., Wilber, M., & Naughton, B. J. (2016). Effects of Buffalo Home-Based Functional Exercise in Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Medium to High Fall Risks-A Proof of Concept. International Journal of Health Sciences and Research (IJHSR), 6(5), 146-156.
Tomita, M. R., Saharan, S., Rajendran, S., Nochajski, S. M., & Schweitzer, J. A. (2014). Psychometrics of the Home Safety Self-Assessment Tool (HSSAT) to prevent falls in community-dwelling older adults. American journal of occupational therapy, 68(6), 711-718.

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Institute on Innovative Aging Policy and Practice (IIAPP)
Buffalo Center for Social Research

The IIAPP promotes aging-related research, scholarship, learning and service concerning care for older persons, particularly those most vulnerable and oppressed. IIAPP is housed within the Buffalo Center for Social Research and is dedicated to the health, well-being and independence of older adults.

Related Publications
Bakk, L. (2015). Racial/ethnic differences in cost-related nonadherence and Medicare Part D: a longitudinal comparison. Journal of health care for the poor and underserved, 26(4), 1132-1148.


Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA)
School of Architecture and Planning

Universal design is a process that enables and empowers a diverse population by improving human performance, health and wellness, and social participation (Steinfeld and Maisel, 2012). The IDeA Center is dedicated to making environments and products more usable, safer and healthier in response to the needs of an increasingly diverse population like people with disabilities and the older generation.

Current Projects and Services
RERC on Accessible Public Transportation
RERC on UD and the Built Environment 2015-2020
Home Modifications
Universal Design Education Online