The AFEC Network is organized by the Erie County Department of Senior Services, Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access at the University at Buffalo, and People Inc. through the AARP and World Health Organization’s Age Friendly Communities Initiative. The collaboration of government, academia, and community services is a unique dynamic that will result in impactful research, powerful policy development strategies, and most importantly, more meaningful outcomes that improve quality of life for older adults in Erie County. 

Each of these organizations has central to their own missions and vision to advocate for and serve older older adults through policy, research, design, and community service provisions. 


Erie County Department of Senior Services

The IDeA Center

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People Inc.

The Erie County Department of Senior Services was created in 1971 and subsequently designated an Area Agency on Aging under Title III of the Older Americans Act. The primary responsibilities which the Department has under the Older Americans Act and New York State Community Services for the Elderly Programs focus on planning, advocacy, and coordination activities.

The IDeA Center is dedicated to making environments and products more usable, safer and healthier in response to the needs of an increasingly diverse population. The IDeA Center’s activities are based on the philosophy of Inclusive Design, often called “Universal Design” or “Design for All.” It is a way of thinking that can be applied in any design activity, business practice, program or service involving interaction of people with the physical, social or virtual worlds.

People Inc. is Western New York's leading non-profit human services agency. Through a variety of services including residential, employment, community outreach, health care and recreation programs, we help seniors, families and people with disabilities live more healthy, independent and productive lives.


Steering Committee

The AFEC Steering Committee is made up of an interprofessional group of representatives and leaders from the partner organizations who are driven to collaborate and share resources to create a local network of well-informed and well-connected stakeholders who serve older adults in our community.