Inclusive, attractive design in the indoor and outdoor environment encourages social participation and active lifestyle choices for people of all ages. Green spaces, safe streets and sidewalks, universally designed buildings, and mixed-use spaces should be integrated into Erie County’s rich architectural history.


Resident Input

“Many streets do not have accommodations for non-motorized transportation, making it difficult for children, the elderly, those who do not drive, and overall populace to get to where they need to go easily or to exercise,” 

- Resident Survey


Streets and Sidewalks in Erie County

  • Residents rated streets and sidewalks the lowest when asked about the current state of community resources and amenities in Erie County, indicating further actions should prioritize improving streets and sidewalk conditions.
  • No zip code in Erie County was rated as “very good” or “excellent” for the quality of streets and sidewalks; moreover, residents especially living in urban and southern parts of rural areas reported poor quality of streets and sidewalks in Erie County. 

Safety and Accessibility

Major issues related to streets and sidewalks were a lack of sidewalks, poor sidewalk conditions, inadequate lighting, insufficient signage, and dangerous intersections.

"Need more sidewalks!!"
"Sidewalks are a real hazard for anyone who walks a lot in Buffalo"

- Resident Survey