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Resource Directory

NY Connects can help you learn about long term services and supports to help you or a family member stay at home, stay in the community, or stay independent; about aging and disability resources available in your community; decide what services would be best for you or someone you know; and getting you the help you need to link to the services that you need. 

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Call 2-1-1

2-1-1 WNY is a three digit phone number that connects people to services. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, talk to a trained information & referral specialist who is able to identify services in the community that can provide them with the help they need. Information available through 2-1-1 includes: basic needs, food assistance, free tax preparation, holiday assistance, housing, job training, legal counseling, mental health services, substance abuse services, volunteer opportunities, and more.


Mobile app coming soon!

Arounja helps you find community resources around where you live, work, and play by type, location, or through searches; shows you detailed information about resources, give you directions, and shows you the front door; you can share new resources to the map, update resources that exist, or share resources you find with others. Sign up on the Arounja website to find out when it will be released!


Discover how Age Friendly your neighborhood is? Use AARP's Livability Index to find out!

The Livability Index scores neighborhoods and communities across the U.S. for the services and amenities that impact your Health and community participation.


Advocate for inclusive design in new and renovation developments in Erie County!

innovative solutions for Universal Design (isUD™) is designed to offer similar resources and services as LEED and Green Globes to support and recognize adopters of universal design. isUD™ provides several benefits to adopters of universal design:

  • A means to implement universal design solutions
  • A branding opportunity for engaging in socially responsible activities
  • Reduced liability in the operation of buildings by making environments more accessible, healthier, and safer
  • Increased employee and visitor satisfaction that leads to increased productivity, repeat visits, and other benefits
  • Proponents of universal design could use the program as a focus of public education programs to increase demand for universal design among consumers

Organize innovative events on topics in the World report on ageing and health! 

The World report on ageing and health summarizes evidence, identifies needs, and recommends solutions for future priorities for our global ageing population. This toolkit is designed to offer support to regional and country efforts around the world to plan events that raise awareness and increase engagement in action for various stakeholders related to the priorities in the World report on ageing and health

 Action for Ageing – a toolkit for organizing innovative events on the World report on ageing and health   SOURCE: WHO 

Action for Ageing – a toolkit for organizing innovative events on the World report on ageing and health