An age-friendly community enables its residents to age in place. Applying universal design strategies when building or modifying homes makes aging in place a reality. In addition it contains a variety of housing types at all levels of affordability.


Resident Input

“We need more affordable housing - I will be priced out of the city soon after I stop working.  It's a great, walkable place to live, but if I become slightly disabled or economically challenged, I will have to move ...where???” 

Aging in Home

aging home3.jpg

Nearly all of the residents expressed a desire to stay in their home as they age, but felt that lack in adequate housing for seniors and in-home support challenge them to do so.

“Housing (apartments) for seniors is difficult to find in small rural communities.  Many people have to move toward the city to find adequate housing.”
 “There is adequate housing for both high and low income seniors but none for those of us in between. We must live in a regular apartment which can be lonely, especially during winter months.”

- Resident Survey


In the Research