Resident Input

"There is a need for senior activities and volunteer needs and job opportunities be posted at the senior center ...  A list should be compiled and readily accessible for all seniors who are interested. Many times we do not know where to obtain this information.  
We would like to help out the community and we need activity interaction. We have a lot to give but don't always know how to go about it."

- Resident Survey


While older adults generally rated positive on the community activism and volunteer opportunities, they poorly rated the employment. This may imply the older adults’ perception on general employment issues in Erie County, speaking for the limited options for the general population. 

Older adults addressed some barriers, such as difficulty getting information and assistance finding employment, ageism within workplace environments, and a lack of suitable options for older workers to pursue.

“I [need more information about] places to look for meaningful part time work, both paid and volunteer,” 

- Resident Survey