Opportunity to show up, stand up, speak up! National Grid Rate Hikes


Next week the Erie County Legislature will be taking up consideration of a resolution opposing increases in National Grid rates.  Some of you may have been following this issue. AARP has, and continues to oppose rate increases on behalf of our 2.7 million members in YS.

What can you do?

Show up and stand up:

Erie County Legislature February 22nd – Time TBD.  This is an opportunity to stand with advocates from AARP and other organizations to amplify the voice of the 50+, many of whom are worried about the increasing costs associated with housing and utilities.  If interested contact Randy Hoak (AARP New York Associate State Director, rhoak@aarp.org) to get information about the time of the hearing. 

Speak up:

AARP New York will be looking for speakers to deliver testimony at the hearing, and any other press events associated with the hearing.

AARP New York also would like to provide some surround sound on the issue through Letters to the editor.

Call your legislator and let them know you are opposed to the rate hike too!

Contact Randy Hoak (rhoak@aarp.org) if you can help out in anyway!