Fruit Belt Better Block

Buffalo Rising talks about an exciting partnership coming to Buffalo's Fruit Belt!

The exercise is part of AARP’s national Community Challenge. Buffalo is one of three cities to benefit from this grant. AARP staff and volunteers will be dedicating their time and energy to helping to create a better Buffalo by building Better Blocks. Starting with the Fruit Belt and rippling outwards, here we have a free opportunity to truly learn what it takes to become a great city, by taking the time to build a better community through a series of “quick actions”.

Buffalo’s project will focus on one block in the Fruit Belt neighborhood. The Fruit Belt is largely residential, and is clearly defined by its borders: to the west is the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; to the south the Kensington Expressway; to the east is Jefferson Avenue, the main commercial corridor for Buffalo’s African American community; and to the north are City Honors High School and the Masten Avenue Armory. The project site is centrally located within the neighborhood, at the intersection of Carlton and Lemon streets.