Rod Hensel: Addressing Hunger In The LGBT Elder Population

"This program had one benefit I didn’t think much about: it was practically free to the participants. Everyone gets a small envelope at their place setting they can put in a box with any amount they want to give, from no dollars to $3. That way there’s “no free lunch” unless you genuinely can’t afford it, and no one knows anyways. I didn’t think cost was a factor since everyone in our group seemed of “normal” income and no one looked like they had been sleeping on a park bench.

I was shocked when 19 people came for the first lunch. Well, I thought, it was after all the first such lunch and we made it a big deal, with local officials and the TV news people on hand. People were probably curious and surely next month the numbers will sink like a rock in a pond.

They didn’t. The next month was 20, then 21, and the numbers have ranged from 20 to 25 for the last five months. Wow. But why?" Find out in Rod Hensel's article in LGBTsr.